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Diego Wasserman

Besides my work as a composer I’ve been working for several years providing different kinds of musical services that are related to writing, transcribing and producing music. Since start, I have always committed myself do my best on any type of job or project I get involved in order to offer a high quality work that completely satisfies the customer needs. Prioritizing good communication and offering any number of revisions needed of the final work are some of the keys to achieve this goal. 

Services I offer:

Arrangement / Orchestration


Copying / Engraving

Backing tracks / Orchestral Mock-Ups

Music for media (Films, Videogame, etc)

Guitar Recording Session

To get a quote just contact me (dwscores@gmail.com) and send me a description of the task you require. For transcription from audio recording, please include a link to the audio, or email me an MP3. You can also contact me via Upwork or simply check my profile and all the feedback I’ve got there for years of musical jobs.

I also offer Online Guitar Lessons via Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp. Contact me!

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